Voices of Strength: Survivor and Caregiver Blogs

Inspiring Stories, Personal Insights, and Shared Journeys in Brain Injury Recovery.

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Survivor and Caregiver Blogs

There is no better way to learn about brain injury than reading about it by those who live with it. It takes true courage to transparently share with life is like after brain injury.

Hippie Chick in the City
When Carrie's husband fell 60' and sustained a brain injury, Carrie's life was forever changed. 

A Stroke of Faith
Mark is the Mid-Atlantic Ambassador for the American Stroke Association,  author, philanthropist and successful businessman.

David's Brain Injury Blog
David, the Founder of the Brain Injury Hope Network, shares his experinece in his blog. 

Kara Swanson's Brain Injury Blog
An insightful blog by the author of  I’ll Carry the Fork.

TBI Survivor
Jeff Sebell writeabout Traumatic Brain Injury and the impacts of his own TBI which he suffered in 1975 while attending Bowdoin College 

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