TBI HOPE Magazine Submission Guidelines

Do you have a story that you'd like to share with the world? If so, we'd love to hear from you! TBI HOPE Magazine is always looking for stories to publish in our monthly magazine. It doesn't matter whether you are a survivor, caregiver, family member or part of the professional or support community. We ALL have something to offer!

And now the details...

  • We prefer an article length of 800-1,000 words. Longer or shorter pieces will be considered.

  • When submitting, please include a photo or photos to be included with your piece.

  • We happily offer a link back to your blog, website, or most anywhere pertinent.

  • Please include a short biography,  preferably under 150 words.

  • Please include 2-3 photos to accompany your submission

  • Previously published pieces are acceptable for submission. Just let us know where your piece was previously published.

  • Any topic that resonates within the brain injury/concussion community will be considered.

  • Submissions that directly or indirectly promote a specific product, or business will be rejected.

  • Submissions need to either be in Microsoft Word or in Notepad format. PDF's and links to content posted on an existing website will not be considered for publication.

By submitting, you agree...

  • That you are the author of the submitted work.

  • That any images you submit are not copy write or trademark protected.

  • That your submitted written work and photo may be shared with our partner organizations and publications.

  • That submitting your work is not a guarantee of publication. All submissions will be accepted for publication consideration.

  • That your piece may be edited for clarification, brevity or any reason deemed suitable by our staff.

  • That pictures of you published online may be used in association with your article.

How to Submit...

Please email your submission to mystory@tbihopeandinspiration.com. We will acknowledge receipt of your story and notify you at a future time whether your story will be included in an upcoming issue.

On behalf of the TBI HOPE Magazine Staff, thank you for your interest in our publication,


     David A. Grant, Publisher
     TBI HOPE Magazine
     Email: david@tbihopeandinspiration.com


Please note that the views expressed in any part of this magazine are not necessarily those of the Publisher or Editor, or any contributor. Acceptance of all material and advertisements is conditional upon the contributorsí and advertisersí warranties that they do not contravene any regulations appertaining to advertising standards. The Publisher and Editor accept no responsibility for errors in articles, contributorsí pages or advertisements or liability for loss or damage.

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