The Mission of TBI HOPE & INSPIRATION is to Advocate, Educate, and Serve all Affected by Brain Injury

The TBI HOPE Network is an online community that supports all affected by brain injury. We offer a FREE All-Digital magazine through our website. As of March, 2017 a print version a print version of TBI HOPE Magazine is available at a nominal cost.

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We have a wide range of resources for survivors, caregivers, and members of the professional and support communities to learn more about traumatic brain injury from those who understand it best.

It is our hope to help end the silence that surrounds traumatic brain injury by offering meaningful information to the TBI community and by facilitating social presences that allow others to connect with each other in a new kind of online family.



Traumatic Brain Injury Resources

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Our Facebook Community is vibrant, alive and offers a great place to meet up with those who share your journey. Join our family today.


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The brain injury community offers a wealth of brain injury books authored by brain injury survivors and those who love them.


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Brain Injury Blog

Brain Injury from an insider's perceptive. Raw, real and insightful, our award winning brain injury blog has helped
thousands of readers to end the isolation the surrounds brain injury.


Inspirational Quotes for those
Affected by Brain Injury

For those living daily with brain injury, the struggles are real. Very often, survivors show no outward signs of their injury leaving others to think that all is well.

But for us, members of the brain injury community, daily we face invisible struggles. Loss of self, loss of family, loss of careers are but tips on an iceberg that goes deeper than most people will ever realize.

Our Brain Injury Quotes are meant to offer you a moment to reflect, perhaps smile and remind you that you are not alone - and that hope is alive.


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Traumatic Brain Injury is the Last Thing you think About,
Until it's the Only Thing you Think About!


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